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ShareX 13.0.1

Screen Capture Tool With Image Sharing

Publisher: ShareX Developers
Price : Free
Version : 13.0.1
File Size :4.89 Mb


ShareX is a screen capture tool that enables you to capture an area of your desktop and automatically save it to the clipboard, your hard drive or instantly upload it to more than 25 different file hosting services, including Imgur, Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, Dropbox and others.
The “After Capture” option allows you to choose whether you want to upload your snapshot to a hosting service or keep it locally – you can also combine multiple actions and even add a watermark in the process.
In addition, the “After Upload” feature gives you the option to automatically copy the destination URL to the clipboard or post it to social networking services.
ShareX is not limited to screen captures, it can also be used to upload any file or text snippet that is copied to the clipboard.
The program supports a wide range of services and configuration options to customize the behavior. It requires a little bit of effort to configure it to your needs, but if you frequently share picture with others, this will be time well spent..


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