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Stickies 10.0d

Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

Publisher:Zhorn Software (5)
Price :Free
Version :10.0d
File Size :1.60 Mb.


Stickies is a virtual post-it notes program that allows you to place sticky notes on your desktop, which will remain where placed until closed – even across reboots. The appearance of the sticky notes can be customized in color, font, transparency and other aspects.
The notes can even be sent across a network, synchronized with friends, imported/exported, sent by email or attached to application windows. You can choose to hide or show all notes with a single click from the tray and also recover notes that have been deleted in the past.
Stickies can be hidden (sent to sleep) for a certain period, or until a specified date and time, to act as a reminder. Stickies is probably one of the best sticky note program you can find, it is small, well documented and comes with many useful features.


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